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All India Council For Professional Excellence

Foundation of AICPE (All India Council for Professional Excellence) rests on the mantra that "ALL willing learners can succeed in the professional world, provided they're offered the right platform; AND that lack of formal education is not a permanent disability. We always have an option to start & make a new life!"

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About Institute

Gyan Group Institute of Computer Science & Technology.

Gyan Group Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Jabalpur ranks among the pioneer institute of professional computer courses in Mahakaushal region, which came into existence in the 1999. Gyan Group Institute has carved a distinct rich for itself since last decade. This institute is better known of its unique teaching methodologies, total practical exposures and intensive activity program for the overall development of student according to corporate requirements.

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"Bhavna Sharma"

C++ Language, Java, Data Structure & my SQL

"Ankita Tagde"

Java Script

"Bhoomika Gupta"

Diploma in Office Automation

"Ayush Mishra"

C , C++ , Java , Web development

"Ashish Kumar Mishra"

Java , Web development


C Language

Time Duration : 1 Month

Total Fee : 6200/-

Classes : Offline Training

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Core Java

Time Duration : 2 Month

Total Fee : 6200/-

Classes : Offline Training

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Web Developer

Time Duration : 4 Month

Total Fee : 14200/-

Classes : Offline Training

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